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Parties and Purpose

This contract; The start and end dates between the lessor of the villa (hereinafter referred to as 'customer') and the lessor of the villa (hereinafter referred to as 'Hellovillam') have been made for the purpose of renting the villa for a certain period of time. The customers and accompanying persons who book any of our villas announced on the website www.hellovillam.com via our website or by telephone or e-mail are deemed to have accepted the following conditions in advance. Any violation of any of the following conditions shall give HelloVillam the right to unilaterally cancel the reservation, to request the customer to leave the villa and not to refund the deposit and deposit and rental fee received.

Reservation and Payment

Our villas can be pre-booked by booking form or by telephone or by e-mail. After you have received your reservation request by Hellovillam, your reservation details and the total amount is indicated in GBP or EURO or USD or TL, the villa will be reserved and kept on your behalf so that you can pay the deposit for remote dates. The deposit amount and bank account numbers that you have to pay will be notified to you by e-mail, SMS or telephone after the availability of the villa is confirmed. Within 1 (one) working days of the deposit; In the event that the transfer cannot be received by EFT, Hello Villam reserves the right to cancel the pre-booking without further informing the customer and to take another reservation to the villa. In order to finalize your villa reservation, a deposit of not mutually determined not to exceed 40% of the total rental price of the villa, as the deposit, the remaining part and the villa properties page broken, dump, damage, loss, loss, etc. with a deposit to Hello Villam on the day of check-in. You cannot enter our villas until you receive the "Guest Agreement", the remaining payment and damage deposit (in cash), which is mutually signed until the entrance of the villa. Therefore, in order to prevent the grievances that may occur, it is strongly reminded that the villa is ready until your arrival time.


Villa rental prices stated on our website are daily. Bank transfer can be made to EFT via bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy

Guest cancellation of reservation

The cancellation policy is included in the guest contract that is sent to you after the prepayment fee is credited to our account.

If canceled up to 30 days before check-in date, your prepayment fee will be on, because a large portion of this prepayment is made to the landlord.

The remaining payment must be made at the entrance to the villa. If you wish to cancel your reservation between 30 and 15 days before your check-in date, 50% of the remaining payment will be charged to the customer. If the cancellation is made 14 days before the date of arrival or no entry is made, the total amount of the remaining payment will be charged to the customer.

Cancellation of reservation by Hellovillam

Hellovillam reserves the right to cancel your reservation in case of unforeseen circumstances in our villas (problems in plumbing, flood, landslide, earthquake etc.). This will be communicated to the customer as soon as possible. In such and such cases, Hellovillam is obliged to return all payments made to the guest. At the request of the guest, Hellovillam tries to offer alternative villas available on the same dates in the setting of the minimum rented house. The guest can choose one of the alternative villas or cancel the reservation completely and get the full refund of the payment.

In the event that the customer fails to make the remaining payment on time, Hellovillam reserves the right to cancel the reservation, not to reimburse the previously paid fee and to receive another reservation for this villa.

Cancellations can be made in writing (by e-mail or by registered mail). Cancellations made by phone are absolutely not valid. Cancellations are valid as soon as Hellovillam receives a letter.

Check-In / Check-Out

On the day of booking, the check-in time is 15.00. At the end of the reservation, the departure time for the villa is generally 10:00 in the morning. The pages of the villas have entry and exit times. We strongly remind you that travel plans should be made according to these hours so that both sides are not victims. In case of early check-out, Hellovillam should be informed 24 hours in advance. In the event that the customer voluntarily leaves the villa voluntarily, no refund will be given to the customer.

Villa Capacity

We do not accept guests over the capacity stated on our website or above the number of people when booking. If the customer wishes to make a change in the number of people after the reservation is finalized, Hellovillam will be contacted in writing and may be approved if Hellovillam deems it appropriate to the villa's capacity. Hellovillam will be able to charge additional charges from the customer. After the entrance to the villa, guests are not accepted to the villa except the guests listed in the reservation list. Hellovillam has the right to request the guests to leave the villa, cancel the reservation completely or to request the full evacuation of the villa without waiting for the end of the rental period.

Villa Cleaning / Maintenance and Extra Expenses

Weekly villa rental rates include entrance cleaning. Weekly cleaning and towels / sheets etc. for 1 (one) week stay. exchange is included in the prices. Other than that, all kinds of cleaning and towels / sheets etc. change is subject to charges. For the periodic maintenance of the pool, garden and other fixtures of all villas, the personnel in charge must enter the villa's garden or inside. In order for these services to be carried out without interruption, the customer should allow the personnel in charge to enter the villa when necessary. Otherwise, electricity, water, bottled gas, pool lighting, internet connection and air conditioning are included in the prices unless stated on the detail page of the villa on our website. Pool lighting, air conditioning and internet may not be available as standard in every villa, so it is recommended that you read the properties of the villa you rent carefully from our villa properties page.

Pets / Smoking

Pets are not allowed in our villas unless otherwise stated. All of our villas are non-smoking.


Damage Deposit

A different amount of damage deposit will be charged to the customer according to the characteristics of each villa. This deposit will be in writing on the confirmation document sent to the customer during the booking process. (The deposit amount is indicated in the villa properties table or villa / detail page) The damage deposit will be collected from the customer in cash on the day of entry to the villa and during the control to be made before the customer leaves the villa, there will be a damage / missing etc. in the villa and the fixtures of the villa. will be refunded in cash. The deposit will be sent to an account number to be received from the customer if the customer wishes to leave the villa in an early hour than specified in the contract or if the villa / exit control cannot be performed due to the density. If the damage occurred in the villa exceeds the deposit received, the customer will be asked to pay the damage, otherwise legal action will be taken.

Our Responsibilities and Warranty

Hellovillam; The villa is responsible for the delivery of the villa to the customer at the specified date and time, clean and ready for use. Upon arrival at the villa, if there are any broken, non-functioning goods or faults, the customer must immediately notify Hellovillam and request that these faults be remedied. Hellovillam will notify the villa owner or the company concerned about this request and will ensure that the problem is remedied within 48 hours at the latest. Hellovillam is not responsible for correcting the malfunction, but helps to correct the malfunction. Hellovillam cannot be held responsible for any failures not reported on time. Hellovillam is an intermediary between the villa owner and the customer and therefore the villa owner is responsible for the elimination of the problems that may occur in the villa. Apart from this, any accidents, illnesses, injuries, drowning in the pool, death, theft, etc. that may arise and which are under the responsibility of the customers, may occur. and villa fire, theft, etc. Hellovillam cannot be held responsible for incidents and accidents. In addition, the customer's access to the villa, return, during the holidays from third parties / companies to take trips, shopping, food, drinks, entertainment, transportation, travel, guidance services and so on. Hellovillam will not be liable for any problems resulting from such service.

After leaving the villa, the customer cannot claim any rights or reimbursement for a service that he could not receive due to a failure or malfunction he did not notify Hellovillam during his stay in the villa.

Responsibilities of Customers

Customers are obliged to use the villa, pool, garden furniture, all electrical and electronic equipment and other furniture delivered in good condition and clean. Customers must leave all kitchen utensils delivered to them clean. On the day of check-out the villa should be delivered to the villa so that all trash is thrown and the dishes are washed. Otherwise and in cases where the villa is left above dirty, Hellovillam will charge a cleaning fee from the damage deposit.

In the event of any damage to the villa, customers are obliged to notify Hellovillam. If the damage deposit is received, the customer will be required to pay in cash if the damage deposit is not received.

In addition, the customer and his / her companions should pay attention to obey the social and moral rules, not to make noise in a way to disturb the environment, not to listen to loud music and not to conduct prohibited and criminal behaviors in our country's laws. For such reasons, in the event of a complaint to Hellovillam about the customer and accompanying persons, Hellovillam has the right to ask the customer to vacate the villa before the end of the reservation period.

Hellovillam does not guarantee the invisibility of our customers who will stay in the villas specified on the web page and which are defined as conservative villas. As to invisibility, customers have to ensure their privacy. Hellovillam accepts no responsibility for such problems.

The tenant (customer) has to read, understand and sign the İL VILLA RENTAL AGREEMENT Hello arranged by Hellovillam at the entrance of the Villa. All money that Hellovillam has already paid will not be returned to the customer and no villa accommodation will be made (rent unilaterally, terminated by Hellovillam). You can request "VILLA RENTAL AGREEMENT" from HelloVillam official

Force Majeure

In case of force majeure, Hellovillam may unilaterally terminate this agreement without any legal responsibility. War in the region or country, threat of war, riots, strikes, natural disasters, fires, terrorist activities, epidemics, technical problems that may occur in transportation, superstructure and infrastructure works by municipalities or public institutions, which cannot be prevented by Hellovillam. bans and unforeseeable events in the region and all incidents beyond our control will be considered within the scope of force majeure.



Customers will immediately notify Hellovillam of their complaints during their stay in the villa. The subject matter will be examined by the Hellovillam staff and the necessary measures will be taken immediately. Hellovillam will not be held responsible for any complaints that are not reported during the stay, after the end of the stay and after leaving the villa.


Security and Privacy policy

Hellovillam.com will not disclose personal information to any company or third party except as provided in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. hellovillam.com never sells the personal information of visitors, registered users and partners to third parties.

Personal information; name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, such as any other information to identify the user.

Hellovillam.com will be able to use personal information to determine user profiles and conduct statistical studies on its own and to share it with third parties solely for the purpose of conducting such studies.

Hellovillam.com is committed to keeping personal information private and confidential, to treat it as a confidentiality obligation, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to take all or any part of the confidential information in the public domain or to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party and is committed to show due diligence. Although Hellovillam.com has taken the necessary information security measures, Hellovillam.com will not be liable if confidential information is damaged or received by third parties as a result of attacks on www.hellovillam.com and the system.

Hellovillam.com may link to other sites within www.hellovillam.com. Hellovillam.com is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of the sites accessed via the link.

Hellovillam.com identifies and uses users' IP addresses when necessary. IP addresses can also be used to identify users in general and collect comprehensive demographic information.

Hellovillam.com can obtain information about users and their use of www.Hellovillam.com using a technical contact file (Cookie). However, users can change the scanner settings so that they do not receive the technical communication file or be alerted when the technical communication file is sent.



The Antalya Enforcement Offices and Courts are authorized for any disputes that may arise regarding the issues covered by this agreement.