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Villa Pinus

4 room
8 guests
2 bathroom
Private poolSea ViewLarge PoolClose to the RestaurantClose to the MarketClose to the Airport
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Gökova Villas

Gökova is a great place where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday. With its hidden treasures along the area and great coats, beaches, historical wonders, Gökova is a real gem for your holiday.

Gökova is a coast town which is located at Kerme Bay. It is named after the plateau where the town is built. It has a great culture and deep history and you can see this all along the Gökova, almost everywhere!

Gökova is a large bay, and it has different tourist destinations. When you are staying at Gökova villas, you are not only limited to this town but also visit Akyaka and other popular destinations too. Gökova is a place where you can discover somewhere new, every single day.

History Will Astonish You

Gökova’s great history is a perfect example of the rich culture of the area. This place and other towns of the area was a point of interest all history long. Even though it was a tourist destination in the past and it has still keeping its charm!

While staying in Gökova, you can visit rock tombs around the area. You will love the rich culture and deep historical artifacts. Those wonders are thousands of years old and worth visiting. You can also discover the ancient wonders of Akyaka which is another town, close to Gökova.

Old town of Gökova is a great place to visit too. During your holiday, you can walk around the old town of the village and visit different shops to buy products that are unique for Gökova. You will definitely enjoy this trip!

Great Beaches Are Awaiting For You!

Gökova has different and unique beaches all around the area. Those beaches are not only popular today, they were also popular in the past. You may visit famous Cleopatra Beach that is the ancient beauty queen Cleopatra’s favourite.

You can also travel to Akyaya which is a different town but still located in Gökova Bay. On there, you can join into boat tours on Azmak River or enjoy great local foods, swim in the river or the beaches around Akyaka.

Gökova has many coves like Zeytinli, Kandilli, İncekum, Akbük, British Cove and much more. Each of those coves and beaches has a unique nature and perfect sights. You can jump into the water between trees and enjoy bonding with nature and the sea.

You Will Love Everything in Your Villa

During your Gökova holiday, you will always stay in a villa that is in great condition and equipped with anything you many need. You will always have a private swimming pool and a well-equipped kitchen. In your villa, everything will make you comfortable and peaceful. Your days will be a total relaxation!

With the guarantee of Hellovillam, you won’t be bothered by anything. You will get the best villa deals, always greet with utmost hospitality and always be in contact with your own private customer representative for your questions and other inquiries.

Gökova rental villas are the best way to discover this area and you will absolutely love it!