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Covid-19 changed everything about our lives and habits. Before this, we were able to socialize as we want, visit wherever we desire and enjoy the holiday as usual. But, with the new social norms, travelers are facing with new challenges. 

Especially for the international travelers, rules are very strict. Mandatory tests, self-isolation or quarantines and other requirements makes the travel very exhausting and complicated. However, we still have a safe place to spend our vacation as we want, as usual and just like before the Covid-19! Turkey rental villas are now the safest and the best way to spend your holiday.

Is Turkey Safe to Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic? 

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Turquoise coasts, amazing sights and much more awaits you in Turkey. Turkey is a jaw dropping holiday destination for many years. Ancient cultures for history lovers, dense and virgin forests for nature addicts and much more are ready for your discovery during your holiday. But is Turkey safe to travel in this complicated time? 

The answer is very simple and easy. It is safe to travel. Turkey is a one of the safe travel havens during pandemic with its strict rules and precautions about the disease. There are rules like mandatory social distancing, wearing masks and time limit for visiting indoor areas like malls. Also, the Ministry of Health always tracks public transportation and other indoor activities with a mobile application and QR codes. These strict policies about the Covid-19 makes Turkey very safe to travel for your holiday, especially when you are staying in a rental villa. 

What is The Best and Safest Way to Spend Your Holiday in Turkey? 

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As we all know, social distancing and merest social bubble is the best way to prevent spreading the virus. Even though hotels are implementing mandatory rules about Covid-19, it is still not the best way to spend your holiday.

Rental villas are the safest and just perfect for your vacation in these situations. Those villas are completely private, and you will not share your utilities, swimming pool or other areas with someone who is not in your closest social circle. 

The Holiday is Yours! No More Social Distancing!

Turkey villa holidays

Rental villas differ from regular hotel holidays. When you are spending your precious days in a hotel, you will always face with queues and crowded areas or even you will race to grab a sunbed with towels in your hands. But rental villas are no place for rushing or any kind of stress! Check out the Antalya holiday villas!

A private villa will give you the chance to spend your days as you wish. You will start your day whenever you want, you will use your own private swimming pool with features you dream of, even like heating option for cold days. After all, you will always be with your social circle without any concern about social distancing, just like the old days. 

Even though Turkey is safe for travel during Covid-19, rental villas of Turkey is the safest choice to spend your vacation and Hellovillam is ready to serve you with the best villas of Turkey, with the most affordable prices and customer satisfaction guarantee.

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