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Rental villa holiday is a highly trending alternative to classic and boring hotel accommodations. Especially when it comes to place to discover, like Antalya - Turkey, travellers no more want to spend their days in queues and day-time limited calendars that are made by hotels. Instead of these, it possible to discover everywhere you want, with your own calendar and without any need to rush.

Hellovillam offers the best rental villas of Antalya with the most affordable prices. There are countless of beautiful alternatives but we choose three of them to show you what you can expect!

World Famous Coast Patara: Villa Koza


If you are dreaming of a holiday in nature within the reach of world famous Patara Beach, Villa Koza is the one for you. It has two rooms and capacity of four people. Along with its luxurious details, it has a great jacuzzi to spend your entire day.

The villa’s location, its features, and other details that you will see during your stay makes it one of the most beautiful villas of Antalya. You can check out Villa Koza right now!

Enjoy the Luxury: Villa Bambi-3


When it comes to holiday, luxury is a must for some people. If you are one of them, Villa Bambi-3 is the best choice for you. It has three en-suite bedrooms and capacity of six. The villa’s luxury features are literally countless.

Villa Bambi-3’s swimming pool is completely sheltered and not possible to seen from outside. Along with its jacuzzi, it also has an indoor and heated pool option. Of course, don’t forget to mention its amazing sea sight.

If you desire a private and luxurious holiday, Villa Bambi-3 is one of the most beautiful choices that you can make in Antalya. You can check out Villa Bambi-3 right now!

Close to Everywhere: Villa Bahçe


Mediterranean coasts, great city centre and lots of choices of activities, Villa Bahçe awaits you at Belek, Antalya. This amazing villa has tons of things to offer but the location is especially spectacular.

The villa is only a few kilometres away from the sea and Belek city centre. You can just reach the restaurants with 500 meters of walk and supermarkets are only one kilometre away.

This amazing villa also offers various luxurious details like jacuzzi and completely sheltered, swimming pool which is hidden from unwanted eyes. Villa Bahçe’s romantic and peaceful atmosphere also makes it a perfect honeymoon villa.

For the travellers that want to discover city life and Turkish coasts, Villa Bahçe is one of the most beautiful villas in Antalya region. You can check out Villa Bahçe right now!

Discover the Hundreds of Beautiful Antalya Rental Villas!


Just like Antalya’s endless beauties, Hellovillam has hundreds of beautiful rental villas of Antalya for you! Even though we choose these three to show you what you can expect, you can still choose from other spectacular villas of Antalya!

When it comes to discover Turkish Riviera, Hellovillam will always provide the best villas to you around Turkey’s thrilling destinations with the most affordable prices and customer satisfaction guarantee! 


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