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Turkey has many beautiful things to offer including a great sight and unforgettable nature. Nature of the Turkey takes its beauty from the flawless coastal sides. The Mediterranean and Aegean Seas with cultural and natural wonders gives an amazing and unforgettable experience to its visitors. A holiday in Turkey can be changed as whatever you want.

In this unique country you won’t be limited with any activity. It is possible to find a new point of interests anytime you desire. This freedom will give you the best holiday experience you will ever seen. Along with the Turkey’s great history and culture, if you are looking for a different aspect to discover, it is possible to discover Mediterranean Sea’s unique atmosphere, and of course the best way to explore it is joining a boat tour!

Turquoise Waters Awaits for Discovery

Turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea awaits your discovery. Turkey’s great coast side welcomes millions of tourists every year and yacht tours are very popular in the coastal regions of Turkey. In Mediterranean region, it is not possible to discover secret havens of nature by the road. Check out the Kaş holiday villas for magnicifent holiday in Turkey!

These virgin places are only accessible by the sea, so this makes yacht tours a unique experience to discover Turkey. Turkey hides lots of different wonders to discover including small islands and tranquil coves worth to discover. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a calm or vivid holiday, you can find both at the yacht tours in Antalya - Kas.

Antalya - Kas Yacht Tours: What to Expect?

When you are looking for a tour to join, you will see different options with different routes. As a result of the popularity of tours, there are different types of tours that are suitable for everyone. Tours are easily accessible from harbors of Kas and Antalya, but to be sure you need to be there in advance to make your reservation. In high season, it might be hard to find seats on popular routes, so it is advised to make certain booking one day before the tour day.

You will usually see two different types of tours, one with the vivid music and party and one with the calm and tranquil environment. If you are in the mood for an exciting, fun activity you can join the tours with loud music and party. Also, there are different tour boats with features like foam machine or other nightlife equipment.

Don’t forget to mention, you may also choose to join a night tour with an all night party event. Calmer tours are usually without loud music or any dancing events and aims for the peace of visitors. Tour guides usually notifies guests about the tour but to be sure it is advised to ask if the tour includes a party or a calming, tranquil atmosphere. Along with the tour types, times and length of the tour changes too.

Tours will usually be all day long but if you prefer shorter ones you can ask for shorter alternatives too. Of course, the prices varies by the tour length and other details. Most of the all day boat tours offers food to its guests.

You can ask for the food before the tour and notify the crew if you have specific allergy or any other preferences but it is best to don’t expect complicated foods because of the sea conditions. Tours are usually offering basic foods like pasta and fish, so it’s best to not expect food more than two or three simple courses.

Routes and Tour Alternatives

The region allows tour crews to offer different route alternatives for everybody. Especially, for the long yacht tours, you can discover lots of different coves and historical places as you desire. Shorter tours are a little bit limited but still offers unique places to discover.

Turkey’s coastal sides offers its best by the sea and that makes yacht tours very popular for both domestic and international tourists. Full day tours usually makes stops at virgin coves and allows people to swim in these turquoise waters. Tour alternatives also includes more complicated activities like scuba diving or jet ski directly from the boat.

If you are looking for different activities on a boat, you may also join these tours and have fun. You may also join a tour with accommodation and have the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean at night. Some companies offer tours with accommodation and visits far places that are not accessible by daily tours. Along with these tours, you can also join that starts from Turkey and visits far islands like Meis or Kos which are Greek soil.

These tours are not common in Mediterranean cities like Antalya and Kas but it can be arranged for tourist groups upon the prior request. Lastly, night boat and yacht tours are common in Kas too. Especially during the full moon, you can join the tours, so you can experience romantic moments with your loved ones. But, to be sure about the details and available seats, it is best to reserve your place in advance.

Prices and Other Details

You will see a lot of alternatives to choose between and prices can vary between these alternatives. You can find cheap and short tours without food or specific activities or you can buy luxury yacht tour which includes different activities. If you are looking for absolutely luxurious yacht tour in Antalya - Kas, you can rent the entire boat for you and hire a crew to operate it. You can be sure you will find the tour that you exactly looking for.

Custom tours are also available in Kas, if you are travelling with a group, you can just simply ask to any tour operator for custom tours available, routes can be arranged for your request so you can visit specific places that you requested. Discovering Turkey is a great experience and creates unforgettable memories. If you are looking for an alternative way instead of being land stuck and see the places that one can never reach by the land, Kas yacht tours are the best choice.



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