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There are so many places that you will like and need to learn about Kalkan, so many places to discover. Most of people are having their vacations here, and thinking about staying or living here permamently.  If you don’t have any chance of living in Kalkan, maybe you can have a holiday here. Renting a villa will make you feel at home, and plus, you have private pool for yourself. After beach day, you can relax at the pool, and enjoy your drink. There are not just ancient cities here, you have more to explore.

Kalkan was once a working fishing town and a safe harbour between Kaş and Fethiye. So this is why houses are painted, and gives people such a good vibe. For those who came here once, doesn’t want to leave here.

Patara, Xanthos, Tlos Ancient Cities are just a few of them you will find interesting. As you know, Turkey has hosted many civilizations as Rome, Byzantium, and Lycians. So we are here to discover their story and figure it out what they left for us. First of all, while you were exploring the ruins , do not forget to taka a hat and sunscreen. Try to drink water often because you can dehydrate here, Kalkan can be 40 degrees sometimes. For the best of the sunshine, book your holidays to Kalkan between the months of June and August.  

Patara Ancient City

Here is a city of carettas and sand dunes , and at the same time, here was a Lycians city. It was a very wealthy city due to trade and was one of the six principal cities of Lycia.  Much of Patara remains undiscovered, buried in the shifting sand, including the famous Temple of Apollo.

Patara Ancient Ruins

Also Patara beach should not be missed with its gorgeous landscape and great swimming. The beach is an 12 kilometer-long strip of sand bordered on its ends by mountains and along its length by sand dunes and the large marshy area which once was the celebrated harbour of Patara. You can see the best sunset in town , sun is painting the sands while setting.

Xanthos Ancient City

It was a capital city of Lycians and It was one of the most powerful cities of the time. Today it attracts tourists by the ancient ruins of Lycian tombs. Xanthos illustrates the blending of Lycian traditions with the Hellenic influence, especially in its funerary art. The rock-cut tombs, pillar tombs and pillar-mounted sarcophagi in Xanthos are unique examples of ancient funerary architecture.

The modern history of Xanthos Turkey began in 1842 with the appearing of the British traveler Charles Fellows. He spent a few months in the ruins of the city collecting the best -preserved statues and sculptures so now most of them can be seen in the London's British Museum.

Xanthos Ancient Ruins

Harpy Tomb is 8,87 m tall and was named because of the images of two female birds. It is believed that they are mythical harpies.

Xanthos archaeological site is open daily, in summer season (April- October) from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, and in winter season (November - March) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. The admission fee is 12 TL.

In Kalkan, we don't get bored at all, because there are so many things to do, sunbathing in the hot sands, or swimming with carettas. Kalkan always best option for holiday, you can have fun and rest at the same time, and eat delicious Turkey foods.

We are giving you our best advice, you can have the best time in villa. Renting a villa was the best choice that we made, we had barbecue in our garden and swim whenever we want.

The villa was our home for holiday, the pool was the best. After a hot beach day, you can jump any time you want to pool. 

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